Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Sew Blanket Tutorial

Step 1:  Selecting Fabric

Joann's and Hobby Lobby offer a large selection of fleece, often on sale.  Choose a pattern and a coordinating solid.  For newborn blankets, please choose a non gender specific pattern. This is a great opportunity for your child to select something he or she would like if it were them receiving the blanket. 

Purchase both the pattern and solid in the following lengths:

Newborn Lovey: 1 yard of each (this will make 4 blankets)
Toddler/small child: 1 yard each
Tween/older child: 1.5 yards each
Teen: 2 yards each

Step 2: Laying out your fabric

Choose a large work area like a dining room table or the floor.  Lay the yardage of each fabric on top of each other and trim as needed, taking off the edging if there is one.  Fleece wiggles, so it might not be perfect.  For newborn blankets, cut your yard into 4 squares.

Fleece with edging cut off.

Step 3: Making the cuts

Beginning in the middle of one side, make 2 approximate 4 inch cuts into the fabric, spaced about an inch apart. 

Tie into a double knot.

(this is as hard as it gets!)

Step 4: Cut/Tie

Now begin making 4 inch cuts about an inch apart down the side of the blanket. Stop every so often to tie a knot. This will help keep your fabric in place.  It will look like fringe.

Step 5: Corners

At the corner, cut off the last 3 or 4 pieces of the fringed fleece.  

Continue cutting the fringe, then stop to tie off the ends at the corner into double knots.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for all sides of the blanket.

Step 6: Now that you've tied all your knots...

Double check knots (especially if little hands are tying them!) to assure they are secure. 
At this point, the physical blanket is finished, but the most important step is next.

Step 7: Praying

A Mission Dolly blanket delivers much more than just fuzzy, warm comfort to a child.  When a blanket is placed on a child, we want them to feel covered up with prayer.  For this step, use the opportunity as a teachable moment with your child about the power of prayer and its use as a valuable mission.  Gather around the blanket, place hands on it and pray.  Your child may want to create their own prayer or you can use ours:

Prayer coming soon!

Step 8: Donating your blanket
Please place your blanket in a bag and write on the outside:

Mission Dolly Blanket
Size (newborn, toddler, tween, teen)

If your child would like to include a hand drawn picture or note with the blanket, place it inside the bag as well.  Bring bag to church office or drop off next to the elevator, 1st floor of Sanctuary East.
A Mission Dolly volunteer can also pick up the blanket from you if needed. Please email:

Step 9: What happens now?

Mission Dolly volunteers wash blankets to assure they are as clean as possible, then package blankets with information about the Mission. 
Blankets are available in the church office and are there for ANY CHILD facing a stressful situation. Anyone may sign for and pick up a blanket. Mission Dolly just needs contact information so that we can continue prayers for the children who receive a blanket.  In extreme situations, Mission Dolly also steps in to provide financial support for the child's family. More information can be obtained at

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